Courtney Love Doesn’t Realize You Shouldn’t Use Twitter For Everything

Courtney Is Kooky
The singer looks crazy in Dublin.
Dear Courtney Love, Twitter is a public forum. It should not be used to make private statements. Like apologizing to your daughter. Will they never learn these celebrities?

You remember last week when Courtney took to Twitter to bash Dave Grohl for hitting on her daughter, Frances Bean Cobain. It was awkward. Then Frances responded in the most diplomatic way possible, adding that Twitter should ban her mother. 

But did Courtney let it stop there? Nope. She continued. On Twitter! 

I have an idea! Next time try calling your daughter to apologize. Or send her an e-mail. Or if you really, really need to use Twitter, how about a private message or something? 

What do you guys think? What it an appropriate apology or should she have just let it go? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!