Courtney Love To Pay $17k For Tea With Adrien Brody

Here’s my question – how does Courtney Love, of all people, have superfluous amounts of money to just be throwing around?

The singer, who seems to be complaining about her money problems, bid $17,000 for a tea date with Oscar-award winning actor Adrien Brody at Paul Haggis’ Artists for Peace and Justice fund-raiser for Haitian schools (seriously – that’s a mouthful) on Friday evening.

But who was she in a bidding war with? Read on, on interested one…

Those in attendance said that the race for tea with Brody – seen above at the Predators photocall in Rome over the summer –  was neck-and-neck between Love and Gerard Butler. Weird, right? And apparently while she was here, Love snuggled up to Haggis’ to score a walk-on part in his next movie.  She’s already trying to figure out how to pay for her tea date…brilliant!

Russell Crowe, Susan Sarandon, Salman Rushdie, Edward Norton, Trudie Styler, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Andre Balazs were also on hand for the charity event.