Courteney Cox Takes A Stroll Through ‘Cougartown’

March 19th, 2009 // 15 Comments

Forget the lions, tigers and bears…it’s the cougars you have to be careful of out here in Los Angeles. Don’t get me wrong, death by cougar attack is supposed to be a fairly pleasant way to go, but lethal nonetheless.

Courteney Cox is seen here strutting her stuff while filming scenes for her new primetime series Cougar Town. The Friends star will be taking on the role of a 40-year-old single mom who ventures back into the exciting world of dating. It’s a jungle out there, chica. I hope you have your claws retracted.

Additional casting for the series has been announced with Busy Phillips, Christa Miller and Dan Byrd set to star.

Gallery Info: Courteney Cox films scenes from her new series Cougar Town.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Enid

    She looks fantastic! Love the dress. Christa Miller is a riot in the right part. This might actually be a good show.

  2. sarinda

    She has had something injected into her cheeks.

  3. Dee Cee

    Um.. Fran Drescher? In 2005, she returned to TV with the sitcom Living with Fran, in which she played Fran Reeves, a middle-aged mother of two, living with Riley Martin (Ryan McPartlin, Passions), a guy half her age and not much older than her son. Former Nanny costar Charles Shaughnessy appears as her philandering ex-husband, Ted. Living with Fran was cancelled May 17, 2006, after two seasons.

  4. Zelda F.

    I don’t think she has had anything done, to her cheeks anyway. Maybe a little botox or restalyne(sp?). Courteney has always had those exquisite, high cheek bones. I remember back to “Family Ties”, she was always a natural beauty. She’s just really, really thin so they protrude. But yes, if there is a “couger” anywhere in the world, it is Courteney Cox.

  5. Yolly

    Aww, she looks so amazingly gorgeous! Courteney really is perfect to play this part, being a gorgeous motherin her 40′s and all! Anyways, thanks for posting! I can’t wait for this show! GAH! COUGAR TOWN! =D

  6. Martiniman

    Wish she would stroll through my town…

  7. stewie

    She was much older than the rest of the Friends cast. In the beginning you really couldn’t tell bc having your hair & makeup done was in style but as the show went on & the 3 girls started doing the more natural look – she was clearly a lot older than Rachel or Phoebe.

  8. Lisa

    Janice Dickinson any one? She could be her twin!

  9. Lillie

    Yes, #2, I think you are right about the cheeks. Her face was very hollow looking because she is so thin. Oh well, if you can afford it, do it!

  10. T-Bone

    No matter what you think about both Courtney Cox or Janice Dickinson, both are absolutely beautiful brunettes. Far prettier than the fake young blondes out there, these days.

  11. Dewi

    Wow, I just love the dress!

    Very stylish..

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