Courteney Cox Doesn’t Do Dieting

Courteney Cox doesn’t feel the need to diet, even with the added pressure of filming sultry scenes on her TV show Cougar Town.

When she began filming she said her eating choices changed very little.

“I avoided salt the night before but no, I’m not that disciplined. I
can’t be – I’m too hungry all the time,” she said, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. “I just had to suck it in a
little tighter! I was OK flashing some flesh. I think it’s great that
the show portrays the reality of what it’s like to be in your 40s. It’s
a great time of life.” And with her rocking bikini bod, it doesn’t seem she really needs to change much!

However, the mother of one admits she now lives a much healthier lifestyle than in her Friends days.

“I never exercised during Friends
– I just smoked loads of cigarettes. Now I eat and exercise, and you
know, do everything I can… I just try a lot harder than I used to.”

Cox was snapped filming scenes for Cougar Town on the beach in Los Angeles yesterday.