Courteney Cox Accidentally Flashes Her Black Lace Panties [PHOTOS]

Entering or exiting a vehicle with the paparazzi nearby is a dangerous thing for celebrities, especially is you’re wearing a short skirt or a skirt with a slit up the front of it.

Courteney Cox had the unfortunate luck of such an experience. The actress was arriving at a restaurant in Los Angeles last night (November 28) and inadvertently gave off a glimpse of her lace panties as she was getting out of her car.

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Courteney and her ex-husband David Arquette are “closer than ever” since splitting up.

The former couple – who have a seven-year-old daughter, Coco, together – split last year after 11 years of marriage but the ‘Cougar Town’ actress says they now communicate more so she doesn’t feel alone.

She told Hello! magazine: “The great thing is that even though we are separated, David and I are still so close. We’re able to talk through everything that happens, so I know that we’re often both feeling the same way and that makes me feel less alone. In some ways, we’re closer than ever because we’re communicating more than we ever have. So yes, it’s been a tough year but it’s also been a big year for growth – for both of us.”