Courntey Love Working on Kicking Her Addiction to Physical Perfection

Even though she’s shed a ton of weight recently, Courtney Love is focusing on not falling into the trap of becoming obsessed with perfecting her physical appearance, as she has in the past. People reports:

“[The] addiction to the idea of ‘perfection’ has infested my life in the past and I’m over it,” she writes on her Web site. “It’s never, thank God, infected my music but it has affected my outward appearance and self-esteem.”

She says that her focus has shifted to being healthy and getting her act together for her new album and concert tour.

“I’m doing weight training and Pilates and more tough stuff so I can tone more. You lose this much weight and get saggy skin and I’m in no mood for saggy anything, thank you very much,” she adds. “So I need to firm up and get my butt in shape and tummy and arms, and do the heavy lifting. … I’m a rock star and my job isn’t to be perfect.”

OK, that’s fine. But please do leave your face ALONE. It’s tired of being messed with. You know how when you were little and if you made a nasty face, your mother told you it would stay that way? I’m sorry she was right.