ASL Readers Enjoy 20% Off at Locher’s!

June 12th, 2007 // 4 Comments

For those of you who may have read Kate McChesney’s Trend Thrift column on Locher’s, a cutesy online boutique based in Paris, France, you might be interested to find out that we’ve got a special offer available for ASL readers going on all tops featured on the site. I’ve been wearing my light-blue top, lovingly embroidered with flowers and the phrase “No Time To F*ck” in cursive and have received so many compliments that I contacted Swiss-born Locher’s designer, Nicole Locher to see if I couldn’t swing a special deal for my readers.

So, until June 20th (Tuesday of next week), you can enjoy 20% on all tops on at by typing in “SOCIALITE” into the coupon code upon check out. Happy shopping!

By Lisa Timmons

  1. LRM216

    Who is their designer, Brittney Spears? She must have ordered her “F*ck” hat and ring from them!

  2. Jinxy McDeath

    The tops are gorgeous and funny. I bought the “I hate children”, and I’m thinking of getting one more top. Thanks for setting up the discount!

  3. Dorothy

    You’re awesome! I saw this site when you posted it awhile ago and stuck it in my favorites. Now I can afford something with the discount. Thanks!

  4. thatgirlshines

    i *LURVE* this stuff! i can’t wait to rock my ‘no time to fuck’ tshirt surreptitiously at my super hardcore corporate job at an accounting firm. of course, i don’t have the balls to wear it outright, i’ll wear it with a nice cardigan instead. my nose-ring and tats are as crazy as i’ll get with these uptight accountants!

    btw, the discount was enough to cover the shippin so way to go lisa! luv you tons!

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