Couples We Love: ‘Glee’ Stars Lea Michele & Cory Monteith Get Cute On Set [PHOTOS]

'Glee' Tribute to Michael Jackson
The cast and his children get together to celebrate.
Well it has just been a Lea Michele filled weekend, hasn’t it?

This time we’ve spotted the Glee songstress on the NYC set with her real beau–and TV beau–Cory Monteith. It’s as if he knew we were wondering where he was so he decided to make an appearance.

Lea looked cute–again–in a very Rachel Berry-esque outfit. It’s obviously adorable, but not as adorable as seeing Lea with Cory. I love it when my favorite on-screen couples work off-screen as well. Think they’re like that annoying couple who hangs on set whispering things to each other?

Nah! They’re both to sweet and talkative for that, right? We talked earlier about what’s going to be happening with Klaine this season on Glee, so what’s in store for Rachel and Finn? Well, more of the same.

Check out the super cute pictures of the couple in the gallery. I promise, this is the last Lea Michele post of the weekend. Ugh, maybe she just needs to stop being so fabulous. I met her once outside of the Spring Awakening stage door. Perfectly lovely. You’ve picked yourself a keeper, Mr. Monteith.