Couples We Love: Garrett Hedlund & Kirsten Dunst Do Thanksgiving London Style [PHOTOS]

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Look! It’s one of America’s favorite couples! Hanging out in London.

Garrett Hedlund and his lady love Kirsten Dunst were spotted in the English capital last night enjoying Thanksgiving dinner, London style. The duo spent the evening at Christopher’s Bar & Grill in Covent Garden before heading back to their hotel late at night.

Kirsten looked a little tipsy as she made her way out of the restaurant, but at least she didn’t lose her shoe this time. Garrett looked handsome as always, and also a bit tipsy. Sadly he wasn’t sporting one of the many suits we’ve seen him in recently. You know, some guys just look better in a suit than others and Garrett is for sure one of those guys. Right?

Garrett and Kirsten also seem to have spent the evening with a few friends. Maybe they were taking shots together all night, hence tipsy Kirsten & Garrett. They really are very adorable together. They just seem happy and comfortable together, which is what every one wants out of a good relationship.

Thank goodness they both agreed to do On The Road. If not, we’d have one less adorable couple to faun over, and how sad would that be? Check out just how cute they are in the gallery!