Couples We Love: Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield Get Cuddly On An LA Stroll [PHOTOS]

Emma Stone At The Oscars
The presenter in Giambattista Valli.
Here’s the thing about Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield: if they weren’t such nice people we’d probably hate them for being so gosh darn adorable together.

The Amazing Spider-Man co-stars looked super cute as they got cuddly on a stroll in LA. The couple had just stopped into a pet store–presumably to buy a doggie for their new home together–but sadly left empty handed. I’m thinking it’s cause they realized they should get one from a shelter instead.

Also, the two of them are such snappy dressers. Emma’s got the cropped pants, fancy scarf and cute jacket thing going, while Andrew pulls off a bright red shirt and blue pants better than anyone I’ve ever seen. So when are we gonna see Emma and Andrew on the big screen again?

Sadly friends, we have to wait till 2014! Well, at least to see them together in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Emma has about a billion movies coming out, including Gangster Squad and The Croods, while Andrew has got nothing lined up until Spider-Man. Hmmm.

Launch the gallery to check out just how cute Emma and Andrew look together. Where do they rank on your list of favorite celebrity couples? I think they’re second for me, just after Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka!