Couples In Love At Coachella, Plus The Ones Who Were Alone [PHOTOS]

Coachella 2012
Celebs enjoy day 1 of the music festival.
We’re looking at you Lindsay Lohan and Gerard Butler! Love was clearly in the air at the 2012 Coachella music festival. It seems like everybody was together and making out! You had Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler–who are always making out, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder and even Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson

All of that was pretty adorable. And oddly enough, so was Lindsay. We know she’s had her super high and super lows, but she’s actually looking really good at Coachella. Maybe she’s turning it around! Hey Gerard! Where all your ladies at?

Check out all the photos in the gallery to see the love. I think my favorites are Nina and Ian. Being able to walk while making out? That is a rare gift, my friends. Also, let me know if you agree with me about Lindsay. I’m feeling it.