Country Fans Are Bonkers

August 3rd, 2007 // 7 Comments

They will tune up on your nuts and steal your jewelry! At the same show wherein a fan juggled his balls, one also TOOK A RING OFF HIS FINGER! What is wrong with people? Well, it did take place at the Cajundome. Draw your own conclusions.

In a second video from the Cajundome show now circulating online, McGraw is seen moving along a row of fans during the show, reaching out to touch them, when one of them pulls a ring off his left hand.

Realizing it’s gone, McGraw stops and questions a woman in the front row, while another woman nearby waves her arm, apparently trying to get his attention, possibly holding the ring. McGraw motions to security to help him as the video cuts out.

Reports said that Tim got his ring back. He’s kinda the hotness. I hope he had security back spin kick the culprit. If this was a Mimi show, bitch would have been stank in a local garbage can. You don’t mess with someone’s jewelry!

By J. Harvey

  1. J

    Actually, I read a report that he dropped it on stage…

  2. zahara

    what a dick,, accusing that poor girl she deserves and apology

  3. devil

    Grabbing people’s hands is so icky, anyway. God knows where those hands have been, and how long it’s been since they’ve been washed.

    Does Tim HAVE to touch the audience members…and let them touch him? Can’t he just sing?

  4. hmweis1

    He was wearing a PINKY ring. He deserved to have it stolen. Only fat mob guys with cigars are allowed to wear pinky rings.

  5. gailmariecat

    Funy that the music and singing didn’t stop during the shake down. Could he be lipsynching?

  6. nymphetomine

    gailmariecat, I thought the same thing about his lipsynching.Shocked that Faith Hill didn’t come running out & attacked the chick who took the ring. I can’t stand either one, so I shook my little blond head & laughed when Faithy told that chick off & keep her hands to herself (understandably so) & now this Tim situation . They both seem like dickheads. But then I hate country music & find this more entertaining than anything.

  7. mixzy

    I hate it when hicks get enough money to buy pinky rings! It’s so obvious that the ring slipped off while he graciously allowed people to touch his sweaty hand. The girl in blue is franticly trying to return it to the asshole all during his tirade.

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