Could There Be An Offscreen Romance Between Kelly Monaco And Val Chmerkovskiy? [PHOTOS]

'Dancing With The Stars'
Shannen Doherty was part of the cast back in 2010.
The 11th season of Dancing With The Stars may be over, but things are beginning to heat up off of the dance floor in the meantime.

Kelly Monaco, who won the very first season of the show, was recently crowned third place in the latest all-star season of the show with her dance partner Val Chmerkovskiy. Despite their on-camera partnership ending, the pair intend to keep seeing each other. Whether or not they will be doing it romantically, remains to be seen.

After doing press for the show in New York City this week, the couple was spotted walking through the city streets looking mighty cozy. Maybe Monaco was using her partner as a shield from the cold. That’s defensible, right? Or maybe her arms were clutched on to his in a gesture of affection. Hmmm. The star have neither confirmed nor denied the current nature of their relationship, so we’re left guessing.

What we do know is that the actress got Chmerkovskiy a guest spot on her show, General Hospital. “I guess Kelly pulled some strings for me and I got a little cameo,” the dancer explained. Judging by the steamy shirtless scenes in the episode he appeared on, I’d say Monaco isn’t too disappointed by the company of Chmerkovskiy.

We’ll keep you posted as any new developments emerge!

Check out the gallery to see the suspected PDA of Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy.