Could The Beckman Family Be Anymore Cute?

The adorable Beckham family made a sporty appearance at Romeo’s, the couple’s 9-year-old son, football (aka. soccer) game.

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As usual, Victoria Beckham looked nothing like a stereotypical “soccer mom”. Instead, she donned a black, fitted outfit that showcased her exquisite post-baby figure and charming taste. The hunky David Beckham looked ever-so-sexy in a cream cardigan, blue hat, and classic jeans. The couple’s nearly four-month-old daughter, Harper, was in attendance along with her older brothers to cheer on young Romeo.

David was recently asked by The Times about his coaching relationship with his sons, he replied,

“The way my dad brought me up, he was strict. I’m exactly the same with my boys. They have their feet on the ground.”

He continued to say,

“I’m as hard on my boys as my dad was. They always ask, ‘Did I play well?’ I’ll say, ‘You did alright, could have done better…’”

Interesting. It sounds as though David is preparing for a Beckham “football” dynasty!