Could Chloe Moretz’s Smiles Be Because Of Her Recent Casting News? [PHOTOS]

Chloe Moretz is a lovely girl.

And she’s made even lovelier by her gorgeous smile! The Kick-Ass star was spotted arriving at LAX last night where she looked pleased as punch to be back home. I wonder if her life has drastically changed now that she’s 16? I’m assuming it’s just the usual stuff like driving.

So what do you think is behind Chloe’s sly smile? Does she know some movie news that hasn’t been confirmed yet? Namely that she’s going to be starring alongside Charlize Theron in the new flick, Dark Places

While the news hasn’t been confirmed, both actresses are super hot right now, so we wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out to be true. Dark Places, based on the novel by Gillian Flynn, follows the story of a woman who is forced to re-face the massacre of her family that occurred two decades before.

Sounds like some intense work, but nothing that Chloe and Charlize can’t handle. Think the rumors are true? Loving Chloe’s smile? Check out all the photos in the gallery to tell us if you think she’s hiding some good news!