‘Cougar Town’ Co-stars Josh Hopkins And Courtney Cox Just Friends

Although they were seen on vacation in St. Bart’s last month, Josh Hopkins insists that he and Cougar Town co-star Courtney Cox aren’t romantically involved.  Extra interviewed the pair at an event where the show was honored by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in which Hopkins claimed that Courtney was helping him ‘look for the ladies’ while beaching it in the Caribbean. He went on to say that even though he ‘loves her so much,’ the two are just friends.

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You know, I usually don’t believe the ‘just friends’ line whenever stars are seen together looking all romantical and my suspicions are always validated a few weeks later when its admitted true in the tabloids.  For some reason, however, I really believe that Josh and Courtney are just friends.  I mean, if you look at the St. Bart’s shots of the two on the beach, there’s no conclusive proof that they were there on a romantic getaway.  No hugging, kissing, butt cupping… nothing.  And Coco was there for goodness sake!  If I were a single woman separated from my husband with no intention on working it out and half naked on a tropical island with a handsome man like Josh, I would NOT have my child there with me!  I’m not convinced.

Then there’s the fact that Courtney and David Arquette haven’t filed for divorce yet.  They’ve been ‘separated’ for 6 months and we haven’t heard anything about a permanent split.  Instead, there’s tons of evidence proving that Courtney is still on love with David.  I may be a hopeless romantic (highly doubtful) but I believe her.  Courtney and Josh are seen laughing like good friends would at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences event at Leonard H. Goldenson Theatre on April 20, 2011 in North Hollywood, California.  Nope, still not convinced!