‘Cosmopolitan’ Magazine’s Fun Fearless Males Of 2010

Ah, made up awards as an excuse to get a bunch of really hot guys together  and sell magazines.  My favorite. The 2010 Fun Fearless Male Awards happened in New York with a recipient roll call straight out of my best dreams.

It was a vampire filled list with Kellan Lutz, Stephen Moyer, and Paul Wesley taking spots on the roster. Lutz joked with Entertainment Tonight  about beating Robert Pattinson out for something, but said he really is a fun and fearless guy.

“I love having fun in life and I go about life in a fearless manner,” said Lutz. “I just want to enjoy it to the fullest.” He admits he’s not always fearless on a date, though. “I psych myself out … I’m very cautious.”

Mayer talked about running around naked which proves his worth and should have been part of the competition in my opinion.

However Dr. Oz said some weird stuff about depression and the temple of your soul being the body which didn’t sound fun at all so I’m taking away his award. I’m also confiscating Gerard Butler’s honor who said he once hung from a bridge while drunk which sounds less fearless, more bat shit crazy.

Enjoy the photo gallery and check out video of more interviews at the awards after the jump.