Cory Kennedy

There’s this chick in L.A. named Cory Kennedy. She’s 16, and rich, and her job is to wander around L.A. from party to party and to insinuate that she sleeps with Vincent Gallo. I’m jealous as hell of this chick because she lives the goddam life. Not a care in the world, sorta a celebrity for doing nothing but standing around getting photographed whilst looking homeless and stoned, and gets to go to all the hot functions. I’m not jealous of the possibly letting Vincent Gallo tag her. He’d need a bath first and some anti-psychotic medication.

Her blog is written in this really languid style which is sorta sleep-inducing but also fascinating because she hangs out with famous people and she’s SOOOOO blase about it. And she loiters with the other rich arty kids. Apparently, all you need to succeed in the L.A. social scene is not buying shampoo ever, and wearing thick tights. In one entry, she disputes the story of Vincent Gallo battling with Paypal over trying to sell his body fluids and sexual services. And she often references an “l.l.” which, rumor has it, is Lohan.

Cory Kennedy is Privileged.

Anyway, she’s probably a case for DYS as I notice in one picture she’s wielding a can of beer. But her Moms says in this bit from Gawker that it’s cool because she’s drug-tested every week (?!?) and that she doesn’t bang the Cobrasnake, an LA party photographer. She’s merely his intern. Hmmm. Uh, is it typical for rich L.A. teens to piss in a cup every week? Then again, her Mom’s name is Jinx. Hot.

Cory Kennedy Doesn’t Play With The Snake [Gawker]

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