Cory Monteith’s ‘Glee’ Cast Members Pay Tribute To The Late Actor

Cory Monteith's Best
SL's favorite 'Glee' performances by Cory Monteith.
I don’t know about you, but I’m still reeling from the death of Cory Monteith. His death hit me like no other celebrity death has touched me in a long time.

Part of it is just knowing how beloved he was to his castmates, the Glee community and Lea Michele. I cannot even imagine what she is going though, and how she’ll be able to handle going back to work.

The photo above was tweeted by his agent, Elena Kirschner, as the pair dined at East of Main Café on July 11, 2013. 

Some members of the Glee cast have begun to make statements and share thoughts about Cory Monteith. We’ve compiled those who have tweeted or made personal statements so far, and we will be updating this gallery as tributes and statements from his cast members keep coming in.

Matthew Morrision paid a special tribute to Cory on Sunday (July 14, 2013) during his scheduled show at 54 Below in New York City.

Calling Monteith a “brother,” Morrison, 34, spoke about losing Monteith way too soon, reports The New York Times. He then performed an a capella version of “What I Did for Love” from the musical, A Chorus Line, which appeared on the second season of the Fox series.

After the song dedication, Morrison said it felt “awkward” to perform under the circumstances, but said, “You guys came to see a show, I came to perform a show, so that’s what we’ll do. And we’ll do it in Cory’s honor.”

A source told Us Weekly, “He was very emotional on stage. It was difficult for him to get up to perform, but he did not want to disappoint anyone.”

I just want to give everyone a big hug. So, so sad. Launch the gallery to read what his co-stars have had to say about Cory Montieth.

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