Cory Monteith’s Autopsy Fast Tracked & 5 More Updates On His Tragic Death

Cory Monteith Tributes
Celebrities react to the news of Cory Monteith's death.
While we are still grappling with the news of Cory Monteith’s death this past Saturday, the news has been fast and furious. So here is what we know.

1. The British Columbia coroner’s office has fast-tracked Cory’s autopsy given the intense public interest surrounding the actors death. However, it could be weeks before final results are found.

2. Sources tell The Wrap that FOX and FOX Television aren’t sure whether production start will be moved from late July in the aftermath of Cory’s death.

More updates below. 

3. Adam Shankman, a director on Glee, told CNN: “I had several interactions with him yesterday where he said that he was doing amazing. “He even said ‘I am feeling fantastic’.

“I’m like everybody else, really devastated and confused by what happened.”

4. Family and fans fought to hold back tears Sunday as they mourned. His cousin Richard Monteith’s shoulders shook as he laid down a bouquet of white flowers outside the Fairmont Pacific Rim Hotel, where his cousin’s body was found.

Squatting with his head in his hands, Richard said he and Monteith were “decently close” and saw each other last April.

Richard’s reaction was echoed by Monteith’s estranged father, Joe Monteith. “I’m not making no comments, I’m not up to it,” said Joe, after a long, quiet pause.

5. Several friends gathered at Glee star Cory Monteith’s home on Saturday night to pay tribute to the star following his untimely death in a hotel room in Vancouver, Canada. Former 90210 star Dustin Milligan and members of Monteith’s band Bonnie Dune were among the mourners who halted their weekend plans to remember their friend and colleague. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the impromptu get together took place at the Hollywood Boulevard home the actor shared with friends until he moved out earlier this summer.


6. Monteith’s reps said Sunday that donations can be made in his honor at Project Limelight’s website ( or via email at Project Limelight Society, 225 E. Georgia Street, Vancouver, B.C., V6A 1Z6. Twitter user Max Topple posted this heartbreaking tweet with the following screen caps.


Rest in Peace Cory.