Cory Monteith Watches The Black Keys Perform As We Wait For The Fate Of ‘Finchel’ [PHOTOS]

October 9th, 2012 // 8 Comments
Cory Monteith & Lea Michele
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Looks like Cory Monteith is enjoying his (possibly permanent) time off from Glee!

The 4th season of Glee is in full force, with brand new songs, characters, and of course, breakups! With 2 to 4 major relationships possibly ending after last weeks episode, aptly titled “The Break-Up,” creators Brad Falchuk, Ryan Murphy, and Ian Brennan sure have decided to pile on the heartbreak this season! As if the season 3 finale wasn’t enough of a happiness-killer, we had to witness the demise of beloved couples on the show, only 4 episodes in.

One of the hardest couples to say goodbye to will undoubtedly be Rachel (Lea Michele) and Finn (Monteith), who’s romance has been building up since season 1. After melancholy rendition of No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak” with fellow break-up-ers Kurt (Chris Colfer) and Blaine (Darren Criss), Rachel ended things with Finn in lieu of her enrollment in school in NYC and her equally gorgeous (if not more so) new love interest, Brody (Dean Geyer.) The episode ended with Finn all alone on stage, looking bitterly confused, with a single spotlight on him. Stab all “Finchel” lovers in the heart, why don’t you!

However, it seems that gleeks aren’t the only ones who are having trouble moving past Finchel. Falchuk recently spoke with TVLine expressing his woes of pulling Finchel apart, and even said that there may be hope for the rekindling of some of the beloved couples yet. “Nothing is set in stone … For now things are different. But that there’s an enormous amount of love there, so there’s a great chance of a lot of them getting back together,” Falchuk mused. There you have it! Well if that doesn’t give anyone a giant tablespoon of hope, I don’t know what will.

In the time that Finn is spending away from Rachel, Monteith is also spending some time away from his off screen girl, Michele. The Glee star stepped out on Saturday night to watch The Black Keys perform at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Although he went alone, presumably, he was all smiles as he stopped to say hi to some fans on his way out.

Perhaps Finn will make a dramatic, unexpected return into Rachel’s life, as opposed to the opposite in the season 3 finale. If there’s anything that’s certain with Glee, it’s that curveballs are thrown ALL THE TIME. Do you think Finchel should get back together? Or do you prefer the new “Bro-chel?” Let us know is the comments below!

And don’t forget to check out Cory Monteith, post Finchel,in the gallery.

By Marcelle Luna

  1. Sophie

    Finn is Rachel’s First Love and She wants, more than anything, for Him to be Her last, so as Mr. Monteith Says “Finchel is Forever”!

  2. leen

    Finchel should get back together ASAP!!!!!!!! nooooooooo to brochel!!!!!!!! R.I.B get them back together pls!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. darlene

    In your first statement, you were alluding to Cory’s possibly pemanent time off from Glee. I don’t know where you got that idea because Cory is still plyaing one of the main characters in the show, so that does not sugget a ‘possibly permanent’ time off, in my view. And yes, we are looking forward to Finchel reuniting at some point, because we know that they will find their way back to each other. Finchel Forever.

  4. yuls

    FINCHEL forever!!!!! I hate Brochel

  5. annie

    Please do not link those pics of Dean what’s his name with Cory’s pics. Thank you very much. LOL

  6. nyc

    i know finchel’s just so hard to get over. it’s not like i care that finn doesn’t feel like he belongs in new york, because finchel forever and screw what finn wants and needs.

  7. Dany

    Cory is a great big bunch of yum. Dean Geyer who?

  8. Chelsea

    Finn and Rachel NEED to end up together !! They need to get back together this season . Im dying to know if they get back together or not.

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