Cory Monteith Is Looking Good After Rehab, Clearly Enjoy His First Week As 31

Cory & Lea Cuddle Up
Monteith & Michele Stay Warm At The Hockey Game Together
Well hello, Cory Monteith. Look at you being all handsome walking around.

The Glee star was spotted in West Hollywood yesterday leaving the Lions Club. In case you don’t know, the Lions Club is a community service organization that’s been running since 1917. Awe, look at Cory being all sweet and helping his community.

How cute would it be if Cory and girlfriend Lea Michele did couples community service work? Or, you know they keep on vacationing in Mexico, that seems like it works too. So Cory, what’s it like being 31? 

The cutie celebrated his 31st birthday over the weekend and according to Us Weekly it was quite a fun time. Cory, Lea and some friends hit up an exclusive club in West Hollywood where they all got dressed up and looked super snazzy.

Cory, you look like you’re doing really well and we are super proud. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Cory looking cute in West Hollywood. Love his as much as we do? Sound off in the comments!