Cory Monteith Almost Homeless Before ‘Glee’

One of the year’s most popular television actors and GQ cover boys, Cory Monteith, recently revealed he was at risk of becoming homeless growing up!  Monteith, who hosted the 2010 Gemini Awards in Toronto, Canada on November 13th, talked about growing up without a lot in Vancouver, Canada.

Monteith had a rocky childhood, his parents split when he was 9-years-old, he dropped out of school in Grade 9, never went to college, and took odd jobs as a roofer, car washer and a greeter at Wal-Mart.  Wait, aren’t Wal-Mart greeters usually cute, old, retired grandma and grandpas?

At age 20 Monteith hit a low point, The Star quoted him, “I definitely experienced a marginalized situation.  I was not homeless but I was definitely at risk.”  His mentor gave Monteith direction and got him passionate about his current career in acting.  The Glee star took his past struggles into becoming an activist for National Youth Homelessness Awareness in Canada.