Cory Monteith Cause Of Death Revealed, World Continues To Mourn

Cory Monteith Tributes
Celebrities react to the news of Cory Monteith's death.
The world has been waiting to know the cause of death of the former Glee star, Cory Monteith, who tragically died this past weekend in Vancouver, Canada.

TMZ confirmed that the actor died from a lethal combination of heroin and alcohol, according to the British Columbia coroners office.

“At this point there is no evidence to suggest Mr. Monteith’s death was anything other than a most-tragic accident,” the office said in a statement.

It seems like Monteith was somewhat living a double life. He would always show up 0n the set of Glee sober, but revert back to his old habits when visiting his hometown of Vancouver.

TMZ also reported that Cory’s “resolve to stay clean dissipated whenever he returned to his native Canada.  That’s where he became a drug addict with a serious drinking problem. Corey went back to Vancouver many times, and hung out with many of the friends who helped fuel his addiction.  We’re told alcohol and drugs were always involved.”

This just breaks my heart. The worst part about this whole situation is that Cory was on the road to recovery. It just shows that one slip-up can change everything.