Correction: Lily Allen Has A Visa

How the hell were we supposed to know? It sounded logical. She’s always kicking people, so why shouldn’t she be denied access to our land? No one likes to be kicked by some Cockney acting like a twat! Anyway, Lily Allen’s management says we’re all full of shit and Lily wasn’t denied access to the U.S.

Lily Allen’s manager has responded to news that the star has been denied a US visa, calling the reports “rubbish”. Neale Easterby explained that the singer is in fact working in Las Vegas, and has not been denied a visa.

It was reported that Allen was strip searched during a stopover at Los Angeles, after which she was denied a US Visa, banning her from the country. But Easterby told Billboard: “She’s in Las Vegas right now. She will be there until Thursday shooting a video with Common and Kanye West for Common’s track ‘Drivin’ Me Wild’.”

So if you’re out on the Strip, watch where you point your camera. She may look short and stocky but she can high kick like a damn Rockette! God, good album, shitty person.


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