Corey Feldman Believes Corey Haim Might Not Have Overdosed

March 11th, 2010 // 1 Comment

We all assumed that Corey Haim, who has a well documented battle with drugs, died of an overdose when he was found dead with four prescription bottles nearby. Haim’s dear friend Corey Feldman would like us to pause for a moment and at least wait for the autopsy report.

He went on Lary King Live last night (here he is arriving and leaving CNN studios in Hollywood) and said Haim was showing a number of symptoms that could have meant kidney or heart failure after years of drug abuse on his body. The deputy coroner said Haim had suffered flu-like symptoms for two days before his death, which sounds eerily familiar. Feldman says Haim’s doctor put him on a new line of medications, which are likely what was found in his possession and I’m sure that doctor will be questioned.  But, instead of consuming himself with drugs, Feldman insists his friend “really became a man” recently, helping his mother with her battle with cancer and “taking care of her, being responsible.”

The Lost Boys star also said that he appreciated the outpouring of support from Hollywood, but questioned where were those same people, who call him a legend now, when Haim was living in Sherman Oaks with his mother with no money or a car. Had he lived, there might have been a different ending to this story. Haim has completed film projects recently and was in negotiations to film another movie with Feldman, their first together in nine years

Check out the  video from Larry King Live after the jump.

By Madison Ventura

  1. Marc Travestine

    This is very sad. Corey Haim, as well as Corey Feldman are two people that will forever remind me of my childhood. One thing that I can say is at least Corey Haim will now be at peace. I know that is a bit cliché and we’d all rather have him here, but I believe it’s true.
    I was also surprised with how articulate and well-spoken Corey Feldman was on Larry King. I guess I’m just use to seeing him in roles that require him to act like a doofus.

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