Cory Monteith Talks About His Indie Film

Glee’s Cory Monteith is quite the catch. Everyone wants a piece of this hunk, including indie film director Carl Bessai. He has filmed many improvised comedy short films about families and looked no further than Cory for his latest, ‘Sisters and Brothers’. Working with Dustin Milligan from 90210, the film centers around a two brother relationship. Cory says its a far cry from the set of Glee.

“Working on this massive budgeted, scripted TV show, it’s the opposite of what I do, so it was absolutely refreshing. It was unscripted, but it was very structured in the points we were trying to hit along the line. We were shooting for very specific things. Just playing it live. As an actor it was a very cool experience.”

Seen here, actor Cory Monteith out renting some equipment from a music studio in Hollywood, California on January 22nd. It sounds like Cory is branching out his talents and I’m loving the idea! To think that these guys were dealing with royalty issues only a few months ago. Its pure insanity.