He’d Better Pull A Good Lawyer Out Of His Hat

October 25th, 2007 // 17 Comments

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Further details are emerging about those rape allegations against sorcerer David Copperfield. The word is that the 2 million dollars the Feds seized from his magic storehouse might have been payoff money. Yikes. Sources are saying that Copperfield was offering the alleged victim, an unidentified woman from Seattle, the money to quiet down and not press any charges. Hush money! It doesn’t paint a pleasant picture. The victim reported that Copperfield invited her to a party at his compound in the Bahamas. When she got there, she discovered it was a party of two. *shiver*

“She got nervous and wanted to go home right away, but David convinced her to stay, saying she could leave the next day if she really wanted to,” the friend claims.

That night, Copperfield forced himself on the woman, holding her arms “down on the bed, leaving her with terrible bruises,” the friend charges.

“She told me she fought back,” the friend says. “But she said that just seemed to turn him on more.”

“After Copperfield had finished with her and left to clean off, the young woman had the presence of mind to use her cell phone to take photos of the crime scene,” according to the tab. “In order to preserve physical evidence, she says she didn’t shower. The next day, she went back home to Seattle, where her mother met her at the airport.”

The victim reportedly also went straight to a medical center, where a rape kit was taken. The FBI reportedly used the woman in a sting operation on Copperfield, and had her e-mail him and arrange to meet in Vegas. If this is true, magic is no longer magical to me. I expect to see Harry Potter punching babies next.

By J. Harvey

  1. peachpie


    i just read he was a Professor of Magic (wtf?) at NYU when he was only 16 years old? he’s been working on his ego for a long, long time if this is true. well, even if it’s not true, he’s still been working on his ego for a long, long time.

    next thing you know, there will be a raid on his pad with details on the ‘basement’ full of whips, chains, restraints, gags, iron crosses, saw horses, suspension devices… oh lordy.

  2. NYSailorScout

    I would SWEAR that he was gay. I really do not understand this story. And since when does the FBI get involved with rapes? Well, unless they involve children.

  3. gerard Vandenberg

    This is just an extreme sex-obsessed FAGGOT. All the magicians are FAGGOT indeed or BI-SEXUAL. With other words, when you are a man and bi-sexual you just wanna fuck the whole wide world, sometimes even animals.
    NOT THE ANIMALS who had the song: HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN. REMEMBER?…..That’s another story!!
    LESBIANS want comfort, warmth, snuggle up!That sort of thing!!
    The FAGGOTS want only SEX, SEX, SEX and SEX!!
    That’s the one and only reason I looove LESBIANS!!!!!!!!!!(and ofcourse they have a sweet tasting PUSSIE)

  4. Zekers

    NYSailorScout: the Feds probably became involved because of the location of the crime and the alleged money he offered to pay.

    Gerald: gee, thanks for sharing…not!

  5. T-Bone

    Try to make THIS disappear, A$$hole!

  6. nastybugger

    zekers, pay gerard no mind…

    he’s just a closet-case who’s trying to work out his self-loathing.

  7. SayWhat?!?!?!

    Let me get this straight. Copperfield holds her down and rapes her…he gets up to go clean himself off, and she pulls out her cell phone to take candid pictures of this supposed rape, and YET doesn’t use the cellphone to call 911 to say, hey I’ve been raped, help me! Then gets up, doesn’t shower, goes home packs clothes and gets on a plane home, to meet momma, and THEN goes to the police?? Sumfin fishy here.

  8. stolidog

    i think the tribe has voted, and we’ve all decided that Vandenfuck should lose his commenting privileges.

  9. Zekers

    Well SayWhat unless one has been raped, I would imagine it’s hard to say what exactly one would do in that situation, let alone with some famous freak that has you alone in his home…cut her some slack, everyone deals differently.

  10. Zekers

    Yes stolidog, ban his ass and that Capt. Cornwhatever too, while you’re at it J. and Lisa. They need to find somewhere else to spew.

  11. Jade


    I’m thinking she didn’t call the police at the time, b/c she was in the Bahamas, a place that is already known for their corrupt justice system and not to mention, Copperfield is sort of a prized possesion over there since he owns so much property. Just a thought.

  12. Sarah

    I don’t think they have “911″ in the Bahamas.
    She did the right thing! She documented the crime scene.
    I don’t think there is anything fishy going on here. She flew home to get the proper help because those nimrods in the Bahamas aren’t going to do anything right.

  13. Eyes of Green

    Yes, please ban those two “people” from posting here. Send them back to Perez Hilton or wherever they’ve come from. If I want to see childish stupidity written purely for shock value, I’ll visit a public restroom and read the wall.

  14. leilah

    And whether they have “911″ in the Bahamas, its unlikely that Ms. Seattle would have cell phone reception there (tho’ the camera would still work).

    As to Vandenberg, he just outed himself, as he said that “F…..s just want SEX, SEX, SEX,” then likes lesbians because of their “p…..s”.

  15. WrapItRoundThis

    Zekers, you really need to pull the plug out ya ass… lighten up dude. Or whatever you are. I see you all over the place passing judgement on what people should or should not be saying. Post and let post.

  16. Zekers

    “Zekers, you really need to pull the plug out ya ass… lighten up dude. Or whatever you are. I see you all over the place passing judgement on what people should or should not be saying. Post and let post.”

    Ah, you mean like you just did, dude?

  17. ZeldaF

    Oh Thank God… I’ve been trying to ignore that dumbass Gerard VandenCREEP. Like someone else said, “don’t feed the animals”. Enuf of that Dutch EuroTrash Troll and his filthy “look at me / shock value” remarks. SNARK is the whole existence of this website, thank goodness, and that’s why we all love it. But that guy needs to go back to whatever rock he crawled out from. Most posters here can be snarky without being skanky.

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