Copperfield Cancels Some Shows

Celebrity magical individual David Copperfield has started cancelling shows abroad. His lawyer is denying reports that this is because the FBI want him handy to speak with them regarding the recent allegations of rape against him. His legal mouthpiece says that Davis cancelled a series of shows in Indonesia due to contractual obligations not being met.

Copperfield’s attorney, David Chesnoff, tells TMZ no law enforcement interviews have been scheduled with the illusionist — Monday, or otherwise.

Chesnoff tells us that “Mr. Copperfield remains anxious to put this matter behind him,” adding the allegations by the as yet unidentified woman are false.

Whether he did it or not, this chick better watch out. He made the friggin’ Statue of Liberty disappear. It not going to take that much magical power to ixnay some schoolteacher from Seattle. She better look into some charms or shit to wear to deflect his magic!

Photos: Getty Images