Anderson Cooper Looking To Score With David Beckham.

Get it, queen! Anderson Cooper was granted his fondest wish, and got to visit with David Beckham. He brought Becks’ Armani underwear ad to sign. Over the bulge. Anderson profiled Becks for 60 Minutes this Sunday, and gamely spent some time in the net trying to block his kicks.

A friend of mine played soccer in college and now coaches and he told me about this game I love called Butts Up. In it, the freshman players have to bend over in the net and the older guys take shots at their asses. Anderson requested that game. He was denied. Probably because he asked David to nix the ball and just use his penis.

This whole thing is reeking with sexual tension. Anderson may be closeted but he can work that gray head of hair for all its worth. Victoria Beckham better fly her glamour starship down to the field and beat Coop off her man.

One more video from Anderson Cooper’s interview with David Beckham is after the jump.