Controversy Surrounds Ewan McGregor’s Latest Film

Ewan McGregor is apparently a little randy it is rumored that the Scottish actor seems to take delight in taking off his clothes for the camera. The actor, who has starred in several movies with large sexual overtones such as “Trainspotting,” will begin shooting a movie called “The Tourist” which was turned down by one Hollywood studio (i.e. 20th Century Fox) because of its shocking storyline.

The plot of the movie is set in the underground sex clubs of New York City (we are already intrigued). McGregor plays is an accounting consultant and falls in love with Michelle Williams, and before you know it she is dead and he is accused of killing her. Production starts today on the film in New York City, you can bet this will be one of the movies at Sundance next year! I smell a winner or maybe that is the stale scent of perversion and twisted sexual fantasies of the deviants that dwell in underground sex clubs.

More photos from “The Tourist are after the jump.

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Written by Christy Pastore

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