Controversial Lindsay Lohan Gun Pics Removed From Terry Richardson’s Website [PHOTOS]

Lohan Through The Years
Her best red carpet looks (once upon a time).
Oh Lindsay!

We posted a portion of Lindsay Lohan’s latest photo shoot with Terry Richardson yesterday, but it is the photos that we didn’t post (and are posting now) that are causing all of the controversy.

Lindsay Lohan has sparked controversy after posing with a gun to her head in a photo shoot seemingly themed around her suicide.

The troubled actress prepares to put the firearm in her mouth and is seen smoking while coolly propping the gun under her jaw in images captured by renowned photographer Terry Richardson. 

The Mean Girls star previously brandished a gun and played with a bloody knife in a similar shoot with Tyler Shields.

Other than to cause a stir, why? These images are a pathetic attempt at wanting remain relative and edgy. You both failed at doing so.