Connor Cruise Is Getting Dramatic

Obviously, being the child of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, a little bit of that acting obsession has to rub off on you; even if they are your adopted parents. It seems to be just that way for Connor Cruise who is set to follow in the footsteps of his famous parents for a role in the remake of the 1984 film Red Dawn.

MailOnline reports that fourteen-year-old Connor is seen as the person most likely to take the role of the youngest member of a gang in the war film. Red Dawn originally told the story of the onset of World War III, after America invaded by the Soviet Union. The latest version will feature Russia and China as the bad guys.

Other actors set to star in the film are Chris Hemsworth, who is slated to star as the leader of the group in a role that made Patrick Swayze the man he is today, and Isabel Lucas as a cheerleader rescued from an internment camp. The cast leaves for military training in a few weeks to start shooting as soon as possible, but it’s still unclear if Connor will join them.

Although it won’t be Connor’s first movie role, he was in Seven Pounds, it will definitely more talked about. Tom insists that he and Nicole never pushed their children to do anything they didn’t want to and that’s it’s Connor’s decision. “Who knows what he’s going to do?” Tom said. “But driving him to the audition for his first film role was a great father-son moment.”

Connor probably has a lot of father-son moments. I wonder how often Connor has mother-son moments. Honestly, it feels like Tom got the kids and the crazy in the divorce. But to be fair, he did also have the most amazing small child in the world. Ever. Of course I’m talking about Suri Cruise. I want her to be my best friend and that way I can borrow her clothes. Yes!

Gallery Info: Connor Cruise hangs out with dad Tom Cruise at the Daytona 500.