Congrats John Mayer On Your Internet Cleanse!

Well, I want to be the first to commend John Mayer for the brave, powerful decision he made: the singer quit blogging and tweeting cold turkey for one week, as he detailed on his, ahem, blog and twitter account.

But now he’s back and obviously a changed man. He read books! He listened to music! He listened to other people when they talked to him! John, I’m proud of you. His second tweet back read, “The cleanse was amazing. I’m back but I want to keep some of what I’ve gained. Fewer tweets, more links…longer phrases.” I thought the point of Twitter was shorter phrases, but obviously I haven’t achieved the same level of enlightenment. As he so beautifully expressed in his very first tweet after the cleanse: “You really get to know your pants when you travel.” Snaps, John, snaps.

Hopefully the Taylor Swift break-up in his future won’t be via tweet.