Conan O’Brien’s Hidden Wife Audition Tapes [VIDEO]

Playing Footsies
Nina Dobrev and her feet got a little playful on Conan.
Need A Matchmaker?
Scientologists might be able to able you find you true love!
Recently people have been chattering about auditions for the next Mrs. Tom Cruise. That sounds really bizarre, right? Who would want to marry someone that needs to have an interview for the relationship? What ever happened to meeting someone the old fashioned way? I think going on dates with someone sounds much more enjoyable.

The scientologists seem like they’re trying to create their own version of I just wasn’t aware marriage was a full-time job. For some crazy reason I thought marriages were between people who loved each other. Odds are, their requirements are really ridiculous.

Funny man Conan O’Brien decided to respond by saying he held auditions in order to find his wife. O’Brien said that he had just found his tapes and wanted to share the footage.

It’s a shame the auditions weren’t real because they really were hilarious. The woman he chose to wed out of the options was definitely the best choice for him. I wish them a very happy life together.