Comedian Katt Williams Slaps Target Employee, Arrested Later For Using Pool Cue As Weapon In Bar Fight [VIDEO]

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WTF is going on Katt Williams? It seems like someone may be in need of some medication!

The Seattle Times reports Williams exchanged words with other patrons at the World Sports Grille, brandished a pool cue at the bar’s manager and refused to leave on Sunday afternoon. Police told the newspaper that he also threw a rock at a car and flicked a cigarette through its window, hitting a woman just below her eye.

He was released early Monday morning after being charged with harassment, assault and obstructing police as Williams reportedly struggled with officers arresting him.

Last week, Williams was caught on video slapping a Target employee in the face. In the footage, Williams can be seen arguing with the employee before hitting him, at which point witnesses said the employee pulled out his phone to call the police. 

The video clips of the event contain no audio, but it shows Williams’ in a branch of Target getting into an argument with an employee. From his body language, it’s clear that the man was not looking for a fight though Williams suddenly wound up and slapped him in the face.

The employee quickly pulls out his phone and calls the police. Hilariously, Katt quickly makes his getaway on an electric cart before ditching the vehicle for his three-wheeled motorcycle.

He was not arrested, though a representative for the Yolo County District Attorney’s office says that the case is currently under review, though charges are yet to be filed against the comedian.

I’m personally releasing the following warning: If you should come in to contact with Katt Williams, do not approach. I repeat, do not approach?

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