Colton Haynes Shows His Down To Earth Side In 15 Instagram Pics

Colton Haynes Models
Colton Haynes modeling pics.
You’ve seen him in Teen Wolf, The Nine Lives of Chloe King, The Gates, Melrose Place, Pushing Daises, CSI: Miami and he’s currently on the new CW series Arrow.

But what about his home life? Most celebrities let money and fame go to their heads, but not Colton Haynes.

Judging by his last 15 Instagram pics, he knows how to balance the celeb life an the home life. He shows excitement about being at home and being in GQ.

These pics show that he’s down to earth and wont ever forget who his real friends are and where he came from. If you still aren’t convinced, peep this! He worked as a Red Robin bird mascot at a restaurant when he was in high school. How that’s for down to earth?

Launch the gallery to check 15 of Colton’s Instagram pics!