Colton Haynes Shirtless For ‘Nine Lives,’ Flirts With Lauren Conrad [PHOTOS]

When Colton Haynes isn’t shirtless on Teen Wolf, he pops up shirtless on The Nine Lives of Chloe King. Lucky for us.

The TV hunk was recently spotted chatting up Lauren Conrad at the HTC Status phone launch on July 20.

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The two shared a table at the even, and even exchanged numbers at night’s end. While a Conrad insider says “they are friends and have known each other forever”, a witness is more affirmative: “She was into him, and vice versa. They went to a club afterward.”

Yet Haynes – who appeared on two episodes of The Hills when Conrad interned at Teen Vogue – could end up heartbroken. A source says Conrad still speaks every day with ex Kyle Howard, 33 (the two broke up after three years, in May). Says the insider, “They may get back together.”