Colton Haynes Flashes The Peace Sign, Remains Hot As He Preps For ‘Arrow’

Oh hey Colton Haynes, look at you being all attractive.

The super studly actor was spotted in Vancouver yesterday (July 7) arriving just in time to start shooting the second season of Arrow. Look at you Colton, jumping from super successful Teen Wolf to super successful Arrow.

Luckily Colton seems to be taking it all in stride. Plus, look at how cute he is flashing that peace sign. I’m kind of excited about this airport sighting cause it’s the first one we’ve had of just Colton in quite a while. 

That boy has been spending quite a lot of time jumping from one celebrity party to the next. Not that we can blame him of course. Although, you know what would have made it all better? If he took me along. Next time!

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Colton being attractive. Are you liking him more on Arrow or do you miss him on Teen Wolf? Sound off in the comments!