Colleen Thomas Warns Us About Draconians, Reptilians

November 10th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

Colleen Thomas, who looks like a Real Housewives of Somewhere, is apparently a woman who speaks to our alien friends – the Pleiadeans – who shot down that rogue missile to prevent the Draconians and Reptilians from getting that damn war that they are so craving.

Seriously, guys, I watched this video with my mouth agape. It’s stunning. Like a Phillip Seymour Hoffman performance. Here are my notes…

  1. Obviously you will get calls when you give out your telephone number. The principle is true of bathroom stalls as well.
  2. Thank the Draconians that she took the phone call while taping her video and we get to witness the absurdity of a woman trying to sell her story over the phone.
  3. Before she sits down, please note her chair is Tommy Bahama
  4. “This is not insanity. This is acension.”
  5. I love that she gets very high & mighty about her being edited – like she can just ramble on…much like she is here…
  6. And apparently we are supposed to hide from the UN
  7. Dear Sacramento residents – please burn this woman from a pillar of fire like a witch.
  8. When is her jewelry line coming out?
  9. When will she and Antoine Dodson work together?
  10. Is this a Lisa Kudrow character?

By Justin Thompson

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