Colin Firth Is ‘A Single Man’ For ‘V Magazine’

Clearly, Tom Ford is more than a little comfortable behind a photographer’s lens, as he’s demonstrated with his film debut, A Single Man. The movie, starring Colin Firth, has been getting plenty of Oscar buzz, thanks to both the designer-turned-director and his stellar cast.

Once again, Ford has turned the camera on his cast, but this time to photograph them for a splashy spread in V magazine. Colin looks intense and bookish in a suit and his brown eyes framed with a pair of thick black glasses.

Julianne Moore shows off her porcelain skin, with her bright red locks piled sleek and smooth atop her head in a mod look, completely with long, false, black eyelashes. And Matthew Goode and Nicolas Hoult are nothing to sneeze at, with their sultry selves.

Gallery Info: Colin Firth, Julianna Moore, Matthew Goode and Nicolas Hoult for V magazine.