Colin Farrell’s No Show Stalker

Colin Farrell’s crazed stalker Dessarae Bradford failed to show up for court yesterday after promising to see him in a legal standoff on “The Tonight Show” with Jay Leno. Colin was also not present as Judge John Reid put a hopeful end to the madness.

The order was signed yesterday restraining Dessarae. She is not to step foot within 150 yards from Colin, his son, or his son’s mother Kim Bordenave.

Bradford had filed three lawsuits against Colin. But he swears on a pint of Guinness, that he does not know her and has had nothing to do with her.

My guess is that she was probably to busy holding down her phone sex operation to make her court appearance.

Steer clear of ‘Vice’ star for 3 years, fanatic told [Daily Dish]

Written by Cara Harrington