Colin Farrell’s Irish Brogue Officially Ruled ‘Sexiest Accent’

Handsome Colin Farell has even more going for him than his rough-and-tumble good looks and his bad boy persona. Apparently, the accent of his countrymen has been revealed by a recent poll to be the most romantic.

5,000 women worldwide were quizzed to find out which foreign accent was deemed the sexiest, and an Irish accent knocked the French out of the top spot. As for Farrell’s love life, it almost appears as if the actor’s managed to seal the deal with girlfriend and baby mama, Alicja Bachleda, in these pictures of the Brugges star making his way through the LAX airport.

The only time his accent isn’t the sexiest is when he’s yelling at you.

Gallery Info: Colin Farrell makes his way through the LAX airport looking as if he’s sporting a wedding ring on his finger.