Colin Farrell’s A Saint

September 13th, 2007 // 16 Comments

Colin Farrell’s a piece, but he needs to get his salad cut. Floppy bangs can be distracting. He’s in Toronto for the Toronto Film Festival and just randomly took a homeless guy on a shopping spree. He probably just wanted someone to smoke up with. Someone “real”.

On Tuesday, Farrell took the man on a $2,100 shopping spree. The actor, who told CTV’s eTalk that the homeless man is “a friend of mine,” walked into a Toronto store with his arm around his pal. He then bought the man, whose street name is “Stress,” waterproof jackets, pants, boots, and even socks.

“The homeless guy was grabbing … whatever he wanted,” Dave Mott, manager of Europe Bound, told CTV Toronto.

“Colin was walking around with the guy and doing the same thing — grabbed a sleeping bag and back pack, came back down and grabbed more clothing.”

Mott told CTV Newsnet that “they seemed like they were really good friends and they were best buddies, like they’ve known each other for years.”

Mott says Farrell made it absolutely clear: “Get him what he wants, get him the best.”

Not only that, Farrell also hit up the ATM and gave “Stress” $850. Does “Stress” have some pictures of Colin that we should know about. Did Colin run over a homeless friend of his and he’s making sure “Stress” keeps it on the downlow? Just playin’. Colin actually knows “Stress” because he helped him win a $2000 prize from a radio station four years ago. Jesus Christ, cue violin music. Colin probably lives with lepers. He sounds like the real deal. This makes the time I drunkenly gave the homeless lady outside the barroom a twenty instead of a five look really cheesy. Well I didn’t tackle her immediately and take it back! It was at least five minutes!


By J. Harvey

  1. TheRage

    good looks AND a heart?


  2. silvarga

    I agree! Colin Farrell definitely needs his salad tossed. And from the looks of that last image, I’d say he’s thinking the same thing.

    OH WAIT! You said he needs his salad CUT?
    Well yeah, I guess he needs that too. He’s looking a little “Uncle Jesse” from Full House with that hair. Who knows, Maybe he’s been involved in some kind of freaky role-playing sex with Mary-Kate and Ashley…

  3. stolidog

    yum, salad.

    he’s hottie hot. I liked him better as the devil rather than an angel, but, whatevs.

  4. green cardigan

    Colin is simply divine.
    Will someone explain the ‘salad’ reference to me, if its not too disgusting? I am a little delicate that way.

    I love that old lady and the 20 dollar bill story. You’d think she’d have had the decency to tell you that you made a mistake, and hand it back. For God’s sake. Is nothing sacred anymore??

  5. stolidog

    well, i use the term often enough (note, i said “the term”, not “the act”)…it’s basically believed to have arrisen in prison and it means going “mouth to ass” (too disgusting?)…ie, “i’d toss Colin’s salad any day”….just as an example.

  6. green cardigan

    Well, thanks for clearing that one up, stolidog!

    You learn something new everyday, if if you were better off living in ignorance!

  7. stolidog

    It’s always good to expand your horizons, even if it takes you right down into the gutter.

    Colin! Contact me! We’ll do lunch.

  8. KindaLikeHim Now

    Nice story. He has turned my perception of him around!

  9. Diana

    These are the celebrity stories I love to read about, sadly, they are a scarcity. I thought Colin was just hot before, but now hes on another level.

  10. ‘stress’ and colin farrell actually do go back for years. when colin farrell was in toronto filming that spy cadet movie with al pacino, a radio station offered $2000 for anyone who could bring colin farrell into the studio. colin farrell brought in this homeless guy, and the homeless guy got the money.

    in the days leading up to the film festival, this guy was wandering around yorkville trying to find out when colin was coming in. A friend of mine tracked him down and told him to come back on tuesday.

    he comes back, and after the press conference on tuesday, colin leaves the sutton place hotel and sees this guy there.

    they go to mountain co-op and he buys him a ton of stuff, plus three stacks of money… more like $3000; not $850. full story to be posted sometime this week on toronto sun.

  11. Luv luv luv me some Colin Farrell!

    Help a homeless guy = Good idea (Colin)
    Collect rainbow colored orphans as accessories = Bad idea (Brangelina)

  12. nastybugger

    as I said in the other post…

    I know colin is a dirty boy, but so fine. and this story just makes him hotter.

    beautiful, funny AND kind-hearted? YUM. now, if only I could understand him when he talks…

  13. Lucky Charms

    Hey nastybugger…
    who needs to understand him? Better if he doesn’t talk at all…wink wink

  14. leilah

    Good looks, good deads AND packing? Gotta love that Colin. Think I’ll cue up his video….

  15. leilah

    Sorry — “good DEEDS”.

  16. nastybugger

    good point, lucky…

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