Colin Farrell’s A Saint

Colin Farrell’s a piece, but he needs to get his salad cut. Floppy bangs can be distracting. He’s in Toronto for the Toronto Film Festival and just randomly took a homeless guy on a shopping spree. He probably just wanted someone to smoke up with. Someone “real”.

On Tuesday, Farrell took the man on a $2,100 shopping spree. The actor, who told CTV’s eTalk that the homeless man is “a friend of mine,” walked into a Toronto store with his arm around his pal. He then bought the man, whose street name is “Stress,” waterproof jackets, pants, boots, and even socks.

“The homeless guy was grabbing … whatever he wanted,” Dave Mott, manager of Europe Bound, told CTV Toronto.

“Colin was walking around with the guy and doing the same thing — grabbed a sleeping bag and back pack, came back down and grabbed more clothing.”

Mott told CTV Newsnet that “they seemed like they were really good friends and they were best buddies, like they’ve known each other for years.”

Mott says Farrell made it absolutely clear: “Get him what he wants, get him the best.”

Not only that, Farrell also hit up the ATM and gave “Stress” $850. Does “Stress” have some pictures of Colin that we should know about. Did Colin run over a homeless friend of his and he’s making sure “Stress” keeps it on the downlow? Just playin’. Colin actually knows “Stress” because he helped him win a $2000 prize from a radio station four years ago. Jesus Christ, cue violin music. Colin probably lives with lepers. He sounds like the real deal. This makes the time I drunkenly gave the homeless lady outside the barroom a twenty instead of a five look really cheesy. Well I didn’t tackle her immediately and take it back! It was at least five minutes!