Colin Farrell’s Cuban

December 7th, 2004 // 8 Comments

Yes, a photo of Colin Farrell’s penis has finally been posted on the internet, and it looks like a cuban cigar.

[via Defamer]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. kim

    WOW!! If it looks like that soft,imagine what it will become.

  2. Chris

    U said Colin Farrell’s Penis was posted on the internet can u tell me the website I can find it at

  3. Can you show me these pictures of Colin Farrells Penis? As I wanted to view these, a read cross appeared and said me that these pictures are not available. What happened?

  4. Aristo

    I saved the picture. Not that I’m a pervert much, but some things a girl’s just gotta do. If anyone wants one, email me and I’ll send it right along. xD

  5. lala

    I really would like a pictire of it. I have waited soooo long to find it. Can u send me it aristo?

  6. allah37

    Hey, aristo, I really would like a picture of it. Can u send me one, aristo? Please mail to:

  7. allah37

    Hey, lala, what’s the e-mail address of aristo?


  8. Jeremy

    Hey can i get a pic of his dick. my email is i have been waiting for so long for thm to show it. i havnt even seen any of his gay movies.

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