Colin Farrell Made Me Like Him

On recent appearances on the “Today” show and “Live With Regis and Kelly,” Colin Farrell mimicked Tom Cruise (with whom he co-starred in “Minority Report”) on more than one occasion. The New York Daily News reports:

Appearing with Matt Lauer — whom the committed Scientologist famously branded “glib” last year during a debate about psychiatry — Farrell joked: “Stop being glib, Matt! You’re glib, Matt, you’re glib, you’re glib!” Moments later, as Lauer struggled not to lose it, Farrell demanded sternly: “Are you being glib again?” On “Regis and Kelly,” Farrell rubbed it in. When the show came back from a commercial break, the Irish actor was caught glad-handing audience members and dashed back to his seat onstage. “Doin’ my best Tom Cruise impersonation,” he quipped.

I love that he’s suddenly all about making fun of Tom Cruise. If this is Colin Farrell is indeed off booze, then I enjoy the fact that he seems to be even more fun sober.

More photos of Colin Farrell from his appearance on “Today,” after the jump.