Colin Farrell Made Me Like Him

July 26th, 2006 // 3 Comments

On recent appearances on the “Today” show and “Live With Regis and Kelly,” Colin Farrell mimicked Tom Cruise (with whom he co-starred in “Minority Report”) on more than one occasion. The New York Daily News reports:

Appearing with Matt Lauer — whom the committed Scientologist famously branded “glib” last year during a debate about psychiatry — Farrell joked: “Stop being glib, Matt! You’re glib, Matt, you’re glib, you’re glib!” Moments later, as Lauer struggled not to lose it, Farrell demanded sternly: “Are you being glib again?” On “Regis and Kelly,” Farrell rubbed it in. When the show came back from a commercial break, the Irish actor was caught glad-handing audience members and dashed back to his seat onstage. “Doin’ my best Tom Cruise impersonation,” he quipped.

I love that he’s suddenly all about making fun of Tom Cruise. If this is Colin Farrell is indeed off booze, then I enjoy the fact that he seems to be even more fun sober.

More photos of Colin Farrell from his appearance on “Today,” after the jump.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Hum......

    I am not a Tom fan but this seems a bit childish to me.

  2. Lisa

    Well, I think it’s hilarious.

  3. MrsRonnyFarrell

    OH MY GOD !!
    Colin is SO FREAKIN HOT !!
    God I love him SO much !!!!!!!!!
    I hope I can meet him one day FOR REAL ^_^
    Thank you :)

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