Colin Farrell Kisses Maradona

November 8th, 2005 // 16 Comments

Whoever the hell that is. One for the gays.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Wedding Lover

    So is he officially gay or bi???

  2. alicia

    hello, Maradona is a pretty screwed up individual but the last thing he is is gay, which would be fine if he was but he is not, at least not while sober. It is costumary in Argentina for men to kiss on the lips or cheeck when they meet, specially if they are good friends (Maradona is from Argentina and so is Colin’s father). Maradona was once one of the greates soccer players in the history of soccer, but his fame brought him wealth and since his youth was spent in poverty he did not know how to handle the fame and wealth and turned to cocaine for comfort (doesn’t that sound like a lot of our pro players)! Once a coke head he blew up like Harry Potters’ evil aunt in Prisoner of Azkaban and began talking lost of shit like her and became good friends with Castro….
    I am sure this kiss is from an admiring Colin not a sign of his bisexuality…Colin grew up in Buenos Aires and his father is Argentine so he is well aware of the customs and history….

  3. Francine-A-Go-Go

    At first I thought that headline said “Madonna” instead of “Maradona” and I’m like whatevs anyway

  4. mutterhals

    This is like my dream, sleazy men fornicating.

  5. bratbastid

    thanks for your two cents Alicia, but do notice Colin has his eyes closed – sorry to shatter your dreams…

  6. Uhm_Yeah

    That’s hot. I want to see more pictures like this one please.


    LOVE IT!!!

  8. anonymous

    Alicia: Colin Farrells father was Eamon Farrell a well known Irish football player. He was not Argentine. Colin Farrell grew up in Dublin not Buenos Aires. Clearly you inhabit a hazy fantasy world where reality is skewed.

  9. KittyLiterati

    It may be customary to kiss men on the lips in Argentina, but if personal appearance is any indication, kissing Colin Farrell is like licking a toilet seat in Tijuana.

    Maradona’s playing Russian Roulette with his life, and should probably go get some canine distemper vaccinations after that kind of contact.

  10. Ovejita

    Hi ! I´m an argentinian woman. I don´t know if Maradona or Farrel are gays or bi, i don´t care. Only can say that Maradona always kiss other men. And is NOT custom in Argentina that a man kiss other man on the lips. A man kiss on the cheeks only with his friends and family, not with persons who newly knew.
    And when that picture was taken, Maradona´s daughter was there too.It´s normal that Maradona (only him) kiss on the lips other men and nobody think he is gay.

  11. alicia

    To Analnymous….may i say this to you without it being taken offensively? but you act like a wanker with his panties in a ruffle…you are quick to be nasty when people mix up folks….i got Viggo’s bio mixed with Colin’s…crucify me and my skewed reality. i guess i could of gone to the bio websites to get your info verified, too!
    To ovejita….i guess you speak for all argentine’s and you must have been in the room when they kissed or been watching TELEFE! i have been in all levels of society in BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA and i have seen my share of straight men kiss each other on the lips or cheeck but i do agree the male kiss on the CHEECK is most common (i did originally say lips or cheeck, did you miss that?).
    To bratsbadid…i guess when Colin did Alexander he did not learn how to kiss men….what a waste of time….he is an ACTOR! and i could careless if he was gay, i was just trying to explain who maradona was and that he was not “known” to be gay and i tried to share some info….so go shag yourself along with analnymous….
    i love this site…i love sneaking into this skewed hazy reality of celebreties who do NOTHING for my REAL life but just help me escape it on occasion…

  12. John

    maradona is not gay… he has2 daughters and he was married, also he had a lot of girlfriends

    he usually do things like that… it is just the way he is

  13. mark

    Sorry. Having 2 daughters and having been married at some point does not make one “not gay”. Hello. Elton John was married to a female at one point…

  14. Luigi Maradona

    “Whoever the hell that is…” Just for your information, DIEGO A. MARADONA is the greatest soccer player of all time. An example as an athlete and a human being, never hesitates to say what he thinks and/or believes in. This is Maradona, even after been banned from a soccer field in the 1994 USA World Cup for drug use he never gave up.

  15. ~!!!!!!red head!!!!!!~

    how can u think that kissing collin is like kissin a toilet seat!! i say good 4 the both ov them but lucky Maradona!!!! i would give any thing 2 b in his place!!!

  16. Ali

    It is not a peck on th elips but they are actually sucking each other’s lips, so how that be a customary kiss? For sure they are gay and enjoying the kiss.

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