Colin Farrell Joins Woody Allen Film

I wouldn’t have pegged Colin Farrell to be on Woody Allen’s radar, but apparently he is. Colin, along with Ewan McGregor have signed up for Woody’s untitled summer project.

With Farrell (“Phone Booth,” “The New World,” and the upcoming “Miami Vice” movie) and McGregor (“Trainspotting,” “A Life Less Ordinary,” and the “Star Wars” prequels) their names alone are cause for note. And, their names will have to suffice for the time being, because the film doesn’t even have a tentative title. It’s simply being dubbed Allen’s “Summer 2006 Project,” giving it a sort of Area 51 mystique. The mystery thickens when you hear that a female co-starring role exists but has yet to be announced. But, we do know that Tom Wilkinson (“Batman Begins”) also co-stars. The film is set to begin shooting in June in London.

So what’s it about? It’s two brothers (Farrell and McGregor) who suffer severe financial troubles, and when it is suggested that they turn to crime to solve their problems, the plan goes bad and they find they’ve made enemies of one another in the process. It certainly sounds like a fitting and worthy venture for both leading men. Now all it needs is a title and many stories of two misfits raising hell on the set to create an attractive buzz and priceless anecdotes of the camaraderie between the two popular anti-stars.

More photos of Colin Farrell attending the 34th Annual “Fun City Bowl” football game between the NYPD and FDNY, after the jump.

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