Colin Farrell Joins The Sex Tape Elite

July 15th, 2005 // 11 Comments

We’ve had Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, Fred Durst and now Colin Farrell. It’s not surprising at all that Colin would have a sex tape – we know he likes his sex. For once, couldn’t we have a sex tape emerge with two actual celebrities (Pam’s tape with Tommy Lee not included). I mean, wouldn’t the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt sex tape be something that you would want to see, instead of Colin Farrell and Nicole Narain, a former Playboy bunny?

J.J. described the steamy tape in graphic detail, starting with a naked Nicole in her living room turning on some music, and ending with Farrell pointing the camera at her white cat in the corner of the room and saying, “Baby, you have the most beautiful [kitty].”

In between, Narain, who was Miss January in 2002, displays her pierced tongue as she looks up at the camera and winks. And Farrell, who had a shaved head for his role in “Daredevil,” reciprocates, saying, “I could do this breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

Narain, who has a tattoo on her backside, also goes through a couple of sexual positions described in the Kama Sutra, starting with “the missionary.”

“The sellers are supposedly looking for a seven-figure upfront fee to hand over the tape for release by a distributor,” reported Wednesday. “Even if someone was willing to pony up the money . . . they couldn’t release it without Farrell’s permission.”

Detailed calls to Farrell’s publicist at PMK/HBH, Danica Smith, were not returned. And Narain couldn’t be reached, although a Playboy spokesman shrugged, “We know she dated him.”

I find it’s always good to start with “the missionairy;” things can only get better from there.

Farrell Sex Tape On The Block [Page Six]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. amyfisher

    booo! because you have “sex tape” in the title, it blocked your site a work!

  2. whome

    He’s so dirty. I love it!

  3. Just a thought

    I would love to see a sex tape with him in it.I would pay good money to see that c*ck!

  4. UgotMale26

    Any pics of it? It says that he is uncut and the male model Cory laughed that it was small and uncut when he was with him at the Versace mansion. I would pay anything too to see any tape with them.

  5. JL

    LOVE him!!

  6. Simon

    Oh come on Colin don’t be a spoil sport! Granted, just 14 mins is quite damaging but we promise to watch it more than once if you let us have a peek. Go on, send us a copy at

  7. jacqui arnold

    i am colin farrell’s biggest fan where can i buy his sex tape?

  8. minasnina

    ill just wait until we make our own

  9. Jordan Perry

    Oh my gosh! Collin Farrel is so hot and sexy. I would love to suck his cock any day and make a sex tape. Would you lick my pussy Collin? PLEASE!

  10. Jin

    where can i download it from???

  11. sharib

    pls send the link where i can download the video of Coline Farrell’s sex tape

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