Colin Farrell Is Single Again!

Whenever I think of Colin Farrell (of Codler Farreller, as we affectionately call him in Ireland…okay, I just call him that) I always think of Britney Spears’ “womanizer, womanizer, womanizer….” song, perhaps due to their little sexual rendezvous back in the 2003 or due to the fact that at his very core, that is exactly what he is. In a good way.

But his serial womanizing is not working for his recently ex-girlfriend Alicja Bachleda, the mother of his second child, Henry. Apparently the couple, who meet on set of Irish film Ondine, split months ago. In the meantime Colin, seen here with Alicja Bachleda at the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, Ireland on the 02/18/2010, has been hitting on 27-year-old British model Agnyness Deyn whereas Alicja Bachleda has been mopping up her break-up tears with her The Girl Is in Trouble co-star Columbus Short.

The reason for the break-up was down to his inability to commit, a source told Star magazine: “She realised that Colin is never going to marry her…He cares for Alicja and the baby, but he wants to be a free spirit.’

Ahh yes. The old “free spirit” excuse, men with this spirit in them cannot be tied down by women, Oh no! They must run free in the world…never hindered by ring on their finger but free to spread their seed amongst the female nation. And spread he shall…careful girls!!